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Greetings from germany. The game was really short, but I enjoyed playing it. The monster looks a bit awkward to be honest, but the atmosphere overall was pretty good. :)

I played this and liked it :D

Simple little thing, but pretty great for 40 hours! Well done. Hope you enjoy the video! Lumps Plays use pop-up commentary :O :O :O See: 


Made a video 

Could use a bit of polish and more to it

Gave it a go...

Very nice horror game!  Even though it was a bit short I still enjoyed playing it! :D Great job! 

Amazing short horror game .I really enjoyed it.Great job.


my channel for more indie horror games:

watch video here:

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Very nice short horror game! I realy love it. I wish it will be a little bit longer!


Hey, I'm error this is just an early prototype, we are planning on making it longer after the jam, I will be taking lead of the project for a while here's a link to my channel updates will be posted there.

COOL! I can't wait for the full version of Dread!

I'll give you a shout out in a later build!

However we plan on releasing it on steam for a few dollars or a dollar